Cameron Biddle - Water Corporation

Structural Testing and Remaining Service Life of Sewer Access Chamber Frame/Covers

Maurice Gong - Water Corporation

Magnesium Recovery from Desalination Brine

Ethan Huynh - BHP

Additives to Marra Mamba Iron Ore to Reduce Dust Emissions

Bryan Kim - Woodside

Transient Behaviour of Bolted Flange Connections During a Thermal Bow Event in Cryogenic Service

Kevin Kuek - Water Corporation

District Metered Area Customer Summer Night Irrigation Use Allowance Model

Xi Yang (Ernst) Low - Water Corporation

Wastewater Pump Station Failure Reliability Modelling

Jordan Lilburne - PATREC

Data Mining Analysis of SmartRider Data for Better Understanding of Travel Patterns – Journey Centered Analytics

Ellen Marinko - Water Corporation

Investigation of Root Causes of Wastewater Pump Station Obstruction and Ragging Station Faults

Mark Robson - OHMS Hygiene

Fibrous Image Analysis and Counting

Liam Salter - Wood

Impact of Low Span Gap on Subsea Pipeline
Vortex Induced Vibration

Ieuan Teh - Water Corporation

Investigation of Root Cause of Polyethylene Pipe Leaks and Bursts

Tony Yang - Aurora Offshore Engineering Pty Ltd

Novel Coatings for Improved Marine Growth Management of Subsea Structures

Edward Yap - Alcoa of Australia

CFD Modelling of Erosion in Slurry Tee-Junction