Park - Woodside Energy Ltd

Risk-Basked Hydrate Management for Offshore Oil & Gas Developments

Brethnach - Water Corporation

Development of a Condition Monitoring Framework for Water Corporation Assets

Harris - Main Roads WA

Regional Road Life Model of Albany Highway - An 80 Year Case Study


Truck Shop Simulation

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Effect of Pressure Fluctuations on Water Main Failure Rates

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Modelling of LNG Vaporisers

Graham - Water Corporation

Opportunities for Energy Generation from Renewable Energy Sources within the Water Industry

Xu - JP Kenny

Modelling of Seabed Shear Stresses Around Subsea Pipelines

Soul - Western Australian Local Government Association

Indentifying and Improving the Levels of Service Provided by WALGA's "Report on Local Government Road Assets and Expenditure"

van Rooyen - Water Corporation

Impact of Inflow and Infiltration on Wastewater Assets

Schollum - WA Waste Authority

Evaluation of the Social Optimum for the Landfill Levy in Western Australia

Molina - Water Corporation

"Is this Correct?" Understanding the Motivation for Manually Acquiring Data

Rowe - Woodside Energy Ltd

How can a Lessons Learned Strategy be Successfully Designed and Implemented within a Technical Engineering Environment

Gupta - Water Corporation

Effect of Vibratory Compaction Equipment on Cement-Mortar Lined Steel Water Pipe

Ponting - Woodside Energy Ltd

Alternative Technologies to Wet Gas Meters

Longo - Woodside Energy Ltd

Gas to Liquids: Economic Study

Stolarski - Sentient Computing

Augmented Reality and Augmented Telepresence Visualization for Industrial Automation