Launch of the new 'Employee Project Model' (Feb 2023)

CEED is pleased to announce the launch of the new Employee Project Model.

Companies who employ current UWA students can now support them to undertake a research project that aligns with the needs of your business/operations.

By engaging through CEED, clients gain access to the CEED Office’s usual customer service and our streamlined process and agreements, facilitating management of confidentiality and intellectual property. CEED will assist with identifying appropriate academic supervisors. Sponsored students may then access University facilities and resources (including professional software licenses).

Project Fees
Shared IP (50/50 split) – $3,200
100% IP (Client Ownership) – $4,200
Project expenses incurred at UWA will be passed on to the client at cost.
** It is mandatory that the student remain an employee (or cadet) of the Client during the course of the project, and continues to receive their usual remuneration from the Client.

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33rd Annual CEED Seminar - 2022

The Annual CEED Seminar events are an important occasion, as it celebrates the community that has contributed to the success of the CEED program. Each year, CEED provides an opportunity for our current Scholars to present their research to past, present and future industry supporters, academic supervisors, UWA staff and of course our CEED Alumni.

Kindly RSVP by Friday 16th of September, 2022 via the following RSVP Link

The CEED Career Launch Pad - Uniview, November 2015

Uniview, November 2015 – For students working strategically to shape their career prospects, the opportunity to get hands-on experience in ‘real world’ projects – with a mining company, architectural firm, legal office or a government agency – is invaluable. UWA appreciates that providing students with the chance to work ‘at the coal face’, doing research requested by a company, allows them to gain insights into a future work environment – and they can tap into a network of industry professionals. While education-wise the benefits are obvious – students are mentored by academic supervisors and industry professionals – further benefits accrue as links between the University and its industry partner are strengthened. And, given UWA’s status in global and national university ranking, engaging with an institution that boasts acknowledged thought leaders in a variety of fields is welcomed by our partners. This ‘win-win’ philosophy underpins the Cooperative Education for Enterprise Development (CEED) concept that was first rolled out with federal funding after a pilot at RMIT in the 1980s. Today several universities across Australia have created variations of the original, with UWA’s CEED being a successful self-sustaining model that has stood the test of time. It sees a CEED client paying a fixed fee to have a student embedded in their organisation, working on an Honours, Masters or Higher Degree by Research thesis in an area of real need that it has identified. It’s a model that appears to be going from strength to strength – with student demand currently outpacing the supply of placements. So the hunt is on for more clients!

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CEED Features in AUSIMM Bulletin February 2014 Issues

The CEED program was featured in the February 2014 issue of the AUSIMM Bulletin – CEED scholar Matt Avent featuring on the issue’s cover!

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UWANews - October 2010

UWA News, October -2010 – Student projects are producing practical results for big corporations such as Woodside Energy and Water Corporation. They are two of the biggest partners and strongest supporters of the Co-operative Education for Enterprise Development program. CEED has been running at UWA for 21 years. It began in the engineering faculty and has spread to other areas, notably the Business School.    Read More