The CEED Office Will Help you to Establish Projects With Your Industry Partners

CEED Projects Provide a Pathway to Discovery and Linkage

While the CEED office team regularly meets clients to develop CEED projects, many CEED projects are developed by academic staff working directly with their partners with industry, government and the community. Many staff have found CEED projects an effective way to initiate and maintain partnerships with partners, and in recent years CEED projects have proven to be the starting point for ARC Discovery grants and ARC linkage grant submissions.

Contact the CEED Team

If you have a partner interested in undertaking a CEED project, the first step is to contact the CEED team and share the CEED Brochure with the potential partner. The CEED Director will join you for meetings with the partner to go over the CEED process. If a good fit is found, the next step will be to complete the project proposal. CEED has two intakes each year, for projects aligning with the standard Semester 1 and Semester 2 starts.

You Can Recruit Outstanding Students to Your Project

Projects are advertised via the CEED website, usually for 2 weeks. While the CEED team will work with your school to promote the project to student, as Supervisor you can play a crucial role in recruiting outstanding students to the project. Directly e-mailing students who have performed exceptionally in your own units has been a proven way of recruiting outstanding CEED Scholars – your standing among the student group is one of the best recruiting assets we have.

Interview Students, Make Your Selection and Get Started!

When applications close, they will be forwarded to you, so you can review the applicants and invite the client mentor to join you to interview the shortlisted candidates. The team will jointly rank the candidates, and send the ranking to the CEED office to make the appointment. The CEED office will appoint the CEED scholar based on your rankings and the project preferences submitted by the students. The successful CEED scholar will then sign the Student Undertaking, and will be ready to get going on the project!