Anderson - Verve Energy

Development of a Thermal Plant Indicator for Boiler Headers

O'Connor - Verve Energy

Developing a Bearing Spin-Casting Facility

Habekost - Water Corporation

Study into the Life Cycle Cost of Ductile Iron and Stainless Steel Pumps

Ng - Savcor Finn

Anti – Scaling in the Alumina Industry: Characterisation of Scale Build Up

Panic - Chevron Australia Pty Ltd

Challenging Conventional Erosional Velocity Limitations for High Rate Gas Wells

Spencer - BP Refinery Kwinana

Assuring the Integrity of Air-cooled Heat Exchanger Tube to Tubesheet Welds

Gates - BP Refinery Kwinana

Inspection Data Management

Ameer - Water Corporation

A Study into the True Life Cycle Costs of Electric Motors

Fitzclarence - Water Corporation

Sustainable Concrete Asset Disposal Optimisation

Mair - Ayres Composite Panels

Optimum Aluminium Sheet Alloy for Panel Manufacturing

Guo - Savcor Finn

Mass balance of the precipitation process of the Bayer process to study the anti-scaling effect of the IPI technology

Liew - Synergy

25 Year Optimal Generation Model

Oldfield - Rio Tinto

Evaluation of Hybrid Stress Blasting Model (HSBM)

Li - Verve Energy

Modelling Built-up Steam Turbine Rotor Using Finite Difference Method

Cleary - Department of Water

Targeting strategic tree and perennial pasture planting to reduce stream salinity in the Warren River Recovery Catchment

Bhatt - Western Power Corporation

Power Transfer Limit of rural distribution feeder

Sathiyaseelan - Water Corporation

Deterioration of Asbestos-Cement Pipes

Easwaran - Western Power Corporation

Condition Assessment of Distribution Conductors