The CEED program creates academic research projects for students sponsored by Public, Private and Not-for-Profit Enterprises. The projects are defined by the Client, and deal with matters of immediate business value to the Client. CEED projects are real projects, with real outcomes, and have the potential to significantly enhance Client operations.


In Full CEED projects, the students spend 8 weeks on site over the summer vacation, immersing themselves in the operations and culture of the enterprise. They continue to work on the project throughout the academic year, presenting the agreed deliverables to the Client at the end of the project. This extended engagement develops graduates who are well versed in the unique issues and /or technologies of the professional environment, and who are ready to make an impact from their first day as professionals.

The program was founded at UWA in 1989, and since that time over 500 CEED scholars have successfully completed projects. Projects may be offered in any discipline that has an appropriate research project unit. In 2016, Pro Bono projects for not-for-profit (charitable) organisations were introduced. In 2017, we are pleased to be able to offer CEED projects at Curtin University for the first time (for selected partners).

Each CEED Scholar presents their work at the CEED seminar. The seminar is an important part of the development of CEED scholars – they receive a unique opportunity to present to a diverse audience of academic and industry professionals. It also provides a window into the work done by CEED scholars – the CEED seminar proceedings are available on this site, providing examples of the types of projects that have been delivered successfully in the past.

Over the years, we have developed a streamlined process and standard agreements to make setting up a CEED project a simple matter of identifying the topic and support staff, and participating in the interview process – the CEED team will work with you to identify supervision at the University, advertise the project, and coordinate the appointment process. For information on project models, look over the CEED Brochure, and call the CEED Director Dr Jeremy Leggoe (08 6488 7315) to start your CEED journey today!