2020 CEED

Seminar Proceedings

Dylan Bedetti - BHP

Automated Livestock Detection and Assistance Technology

Giorgia De Bellis - Water Corporation

Desktop Study on Gross Pollutant Traps (GPT) in Drainage Channels

Kieron Ho - Water Corporation

Maximum Permissible Pipe Loadings

Sam Holden - Water Corporation

MIEX Resin Pump Assessment

Liam Jason - Water Corporation

Behaviour of Ultrasonic Measurement in Composite Pipe

Amit Patel - Water Corporation

Detection of Ragging in Wastewater Pump Stations Using Condition Monitoring

Rowan Sobey - Main Roads WA

Heat Reduction Treatments for Electrical Cabinets

Alexander Tan - Chevron

In-Situ Monitoring of Produced Water

Samuel Tennent - Kaefer Integrated Services Pty Ltd

Development of Robotic Methods for Cleaning, Inspecting and Maintaining Marine Structures

Michael Weir - Chevron

Evaluate Innovative Technologies for Application to Produced Formation Water Monitoring