Patrick - Chevron Australia

Minimal Facilities Wells

Baker - Chevron Australia

Nanofluid Application in LNG Process

Betteridge - DSTO

Refractive Effects in Maritime Boundary Layer


Resource Operating Company - Operator Influence on Safety Culture I


Resource Operating Company - Operator Influence on Safety Culture II

Dempsey - Rio Tinto Iron Ore

Review of Significant Incidents to Understand Impact of Planned Unplanned Maintenance

Arthur - Water Corporation

Asset Planning Performance Measurement Framework

Wong - Water Corporation

Investigation of Oxygen Injection Station Effectiveness

Renner-Hahn - Water Corporation

Investigation of Rubber Ring Seals Failures of Water Mains

Xie - Water Corporation

Predictive Modelling of Sewer Blockages in Vitrified Clay Pipes

Fletcher - Western Power

Network Topology Optimisation

Yang - Wood Group Kenny

Development of ABAQUS User Subroutine for Advance Pipe Soil Modelling

Yin - Woodside Energy Ltd

Experimentation and Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Roughness Effects in Flexible Pipelines

Ellis - Woodside Energy Ltd

Thermodynamic Modelling and Testing of Marine Growth Mitigations