Anandanarayanan Kumar - Main Roads WA

Temporary Road Signage - Stability By the Road Side

Lovell Chang - Main Roads WA

Strength Capacity of Half-Cap Scarf Splices of Timber Bridges

Neelam Ganatra - Austin Engineering

Environmental Assessment

Minglong He - Austin Engineering

Remote Operation of a Thickness Testing/Carry Back Measurement Mobile Unit

Karan Jhaveri - Water Corporation

Stress Analysis of Large Control Valve Clamping Plate

Rudi Jooste - Ocean Grown Abalone

Development of a Mechanical Aid to Remove Biofouling from an Artificial Reef

Suyash Joshi - Main Roads WA

Developing Proactive Solutions To Animal Strikes On Regional Roads

Porsha Krajancich - Water Corporation

Accelerated Corrosion on Roof Purlins

Jordan Makins - Water Corporations

Asset Problem, Cause and Remedy Extraction

Akimasa Mochizuki - Water Corporation

Maximum Permissible Pipe Loadings Part 2

Alvira Navarro - Main Roads WA

Use Of Accelerometers To Monitor Pile Vibrations Or Displacement On Timber Bridges

Gael Rosengart - Water Corporation

Validation of Standard Lime Dosing Rate for Bassendean Sands

James Sier - Austin Engineering

Develop Dump Truck Body Small Parts from Alternative Materials to Reduce Weight, Carbon Foot-Print and Cost

Wenjing Zheng - Water Corporation

Electrical Flood Protection Diving Bell

Yutao Zheng - Water Corporation

Data Engineering Pipeline for High-Voltage Transformer Asset Management

Chanxin Xie - Main Roads

Trial of Roughness Detection of Principal Shared Paths to Conduct Condition Assessments

Adarsh Ravi - Chevron

Calcareous Deposits Study