Jacob Bailey

Seastate detection from vessels at motion using learning algorithms

Jedd Bell

Calcareous Deposit Study

Brittany Ding

Optimisation of platinum recovery from the Copper Boil Process

Ben Donetta

A Preliminary Assessment into the Use of Composites in Large High-Speed Vessels

Michelle Foo

PFAS Ecological Risk Study

Arush Kalra

Wastewater Pump Station Asset Performance Visualisation

Congyu Liu

Predictive Fatigue Analysis on Wagon Drawgear by Position in Train

Dzyan Maroef

Produced Water Remote Monitoring

Raveena Raju

An Investigation in the Effectiveness and Optimisation of Smart ponds for Sludge Management

Marissa Saunderson

The Disclosure of Sibling Sexual Abuse: The Survivor’s Experience

Astrid Sweeney, Georgina Due and Linda Mulenda

Building Lawra: A Community Legal Centre Referral System

Tiange Yang

Use of Flow Measurement Devices in Restricted Environments