Define Your Project

The first step in establishing CEED projects is to identify projects of immediate business value to your enterprise. Each project should have a mentor who is invested in the project outcomes. Ideally this should be done in August-September for the end of year intake of full projects, though we have some flexibility. For 3/4 projects, this may extend into January.

Contact the CEED Team and Find the Right Fit

Next, contact the CEED team. They will liaise with you to confirm that the University has expertise in the subject area, and that there is a good fit for supervision and facilities to support the project. The appropriate project model will also be determined.

Prepare the Proposal and Advertise to Students

Where a good fit is found, prepare a project proposal, and send it to the CEED team (including a PO to charge the project fee and expenses to). The project will then be advertised on the CEED website, and students will apply online.

Interview Students, Make Your Selection and Get Started!

When applications close, they will be forwarded to the academic supervisor, who will review the applicants and invite your mentor to join them to interview the shortlisted candidates. The supervisor and mentor will jointly rank the candidates, and send the ranking to the CEED office. The CEED office will appoint the CEED scholar based on your rankings and the project preferences submitted by the students. The successful CEED scholar will then sign the Student Undertaking, and will be ready to get going on the project!