Ashleigh Ballantyne - Water Corporation

Spatial Modelling Of Pipeline Failure Rates including a Co-Variate for the Impact of Water Pipe Failures on Adjoining Pipes

Fabian D'Agnone - Water Corporation

Predictive Geospatial Statistical Modelling Of Sewer Blockages

Ben Dix-Matthews - Water Corporation

Optimising LoRa Parameter Choices for Low Energy Networks

Lidia Dokuchaeva - PATREC

Learning Customer Usage Patters from SmartRider Ticketing Logs

Eren Gungor - Northpower Western Australia Pty Ltd

Foresight Acoustic Inspection System

Kylie Hansen - Community Legal Centre Association of WA

Expanding Pro Bono Support and the Community Legal Sector: Is There More We Can Do?

Erica Ho - Western Power

A Critique of Western Power's Wood Pole Serviceability Dilemma

Tatiana Joannides - Rio Tinto Iron Ore

Effects of Surface Topography and Interference on the Mounting Curve of Railway Wheel-Set Press-Fit Assembly

Joshua Kraan - Water Corporation

Assessment of Screen Filters for Algae Removal From Treated Wastewater

Travis Povey - PATREC

Identifying Activity Hubs from Ticketing Logs

Jake Sacino - Engineers Without Borders

Estimating the Energy Demand of Refugee Camps

Chris Semeniuk - Curtin - Woodside Energy Ltd

Pluto Reservoir Characterisation: Exploiting Advances in Full-Waveform Inversion Technology

Annabel Seow - Shelter WA

On the Cusp of Change: Western Australia's Timely Need for a Substantive Equality Framework to Respond to Homelessness

Brooke Shaw Rio Tinto Iron Ore

Optimising Rolling Stock Wheel Machining

Ben Sinclair - Water Corporation

Investigating a Design Framework of Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors

Riley Skipworth - Woodside Energy Ltd

Investigation into the use of Autonomous Vehicles for Subsea Seismic Acquisition

Thomas Smoker

Extending Expert Systems with Ontological Models

Chris Soares - Sila Australia

Development and Testing of Super Reinforced Ceramics

Thivek Vijayakumar - PATREC

Evaluating the Economic Benefits of Density and Land Use around Railway Stations through the Assessment of Travel Behaviour

Rui Xiang Wong - Water Corporation

Investigation of Root Cause of Polyethylene Pipe Leaks and Bursts

Jessica Vu - Consumer Credit Legal Service (WA) Inc (CCLSWA)

Consumer Credit Implications of Domestic and Family Violence

Chenxi Zhong - Global Integrated Operations

Automated Radio Auditing Application for Positive Communication