Archie Shaw

Controlling Bushfires – A Feasibility Study

Arshad Kabeer

Temporary Road Signage- better sign designs

Brendan Lo

Corrosion of Above Ground Pipe

Celina Choong

Biological Carbon Sequestration: Algae Biomass Farming

Fabian Scheffler

Coagulation Chemistry of Ceramic Membranes

Hanrui Yu

Computational Biomechanics

Jacob Tang

Trial of New Chlorine Analyser

Jake Lorkin

Joint Resection Planning Agent
for Robot-Assisted Laser Surgery

Jiahao Zuo

Processing Of Potassic Feldspar, From The West Pilbara To Potassium Fertiliser

Jordan Vuong

Degradation of Engineered Plastics in High Chlorine and Temperature Environments - Stage 2

Julia Taule

Predicting End of Life for Single-use Batteries in WA Environmental Conditions

Kyle Voon Bu Yan

Temporary Road Signage-Stability by the road-side

Lucan Wissing

Functional Properties of a Novel Processed Oat Milk Product

Lucas Brown

Materials of Construction in a Solar Salt Environment

Michael Bales

Simplified Strengthening Methods for Halfcap Splices of Timber Bridges

Michael Biddle

Machine Learning Identification of Building Services

Mitchell Snow

Developing Hybrid Tipper Trailers

Noah Cahill

Control of Sulphides in Sewers & Wastewater Treatment Plants via Groundwater Treatment Plant Coagulant & Sludge

Omri Ram

Symbolic Time Series Analysis for Predictive Maintenance

Saquib Rab

Monitoring Treated Wastewater Ocean Outfall Pipelines and Seawater Intakes Using Pathogen Sensors and other Remote Monitoring Methods

Simone Clement

Investigating Energy Savings Within Residences Using Smart Home Systems

Vignesh Alagesan

Naturally Occurring Oxidised Ferric Hydroxide as a Coagulant for Pathogen Removal

William Hynes

Beneficiation of Potassium Feldspar from the West Pilbara for processing to Potash Fertiliser