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ID# 22/006
22/006 – Finite Element Modelling of Half-Cap Scarf Splices of Timber Bridges

Half-caps with scarf splice joints, shown schematically in Figure 1, exist in a significant proportion of timber bridges currently in service in WA. However, existing guidelines for calculating the strength capacity of such joints have been found to be considerably over-conservative. This has necessitated the strengthening or replacement of half-caps with scarf joints, even when not showing any signs of distress. As such, at present, there is a need for a more accurate methodology for assessing the strength capacity of scarf splice joints of timber bridge half-caps. 

CEEDWA Partner
Main Roads Western Australia

Civil Engineering - GENG5514 an advantage


Dr Farhad Aslani

Project type

Full - 8 weeks site work



Midnight Wednesday 23 June 2021
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