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ID# 18/008
Investigation of Root Causes for Wastewater Pump Ragging and Obstruction

Ragging and obstruction of wastewater pumps and pump impellors is a significant performance issue across Water Corporation’s wastewater pump stations, incurring a substantial corrective maintenance cost to the organisation, and driving a recognised overflow risk. Root cause investigations thus far have focussed on Make and Model of sewer pumps and impellors, and is yet to be completed. Other potential root causes are not well-understood and it is believed that there is a body of work that can be done to better understand all major factors associated with the ragging and obstruction of sewer pumps and impellors. A more robust understanding of these root causes would then drive improvements to maintenance and operation strategies for sewer pumps and pump stations, driving down corrective maintenance costs and overflow risks.

CEEDWA Partner
Water Corporation

Mathematics & Statistics


Associate Professor Berwin Turlach

Project type

Full - Professional Practicum full 12 weeks credit



5pm, Sunday 14 January 2018
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