Alles - AION Diagnostics

Clinical Measurements of Refractive Index of Biological and Human Breast Tissue

Annan - Department of Water

Evidence for Groundwater Surface Water Interactions along the Brunswick River, Western Australia

Arapis - Main Roads WA

Modelling of Test Data from Baandee Lakes Bridge

Chiang - Main Roads Western Australia

Breakability of Various Timber Species

Faulkner - The Government Employees' Housing Authority

The Government Employees' Housing Authority (GEHA)

Grey - Engineers Without Borders Australia

Community Water Supply in East Timor

Guo - Woodside Energy Ltd

Feasibility Study of Alternative Gas Turbine Fuel of Offshore Power Generation

Ho - Fire and Emergency Services Authority of WA

Evaporative Air Conditioner Bushfire Ember Protective Screen

Joso - Beurteaux Australia

Seamless Integration of Manufacturing, Design and Marketing

Khaw - Western Power

Distribution Transformer Monitoring Device

Lim - Main Roads Western Australia

Road Pavement Condition Modelling

Mack - Engineers Without Borders

Sanitation and Waste Disposal in Aldeia Tangkae, Timor-Leste

Man - Main Roads Western Australia

Further Vibration Modelling of Beam/Slab Scale Model

Michael - Engineers Without Borders

Water Quality Assessment and Treatment in a Developing Community: Tangkae, East Timor

Morley - Woodside Energy Ltd

Investigation of Debutaniser Reconfiguration on the Northern Endeavour FPSO

Palmer - Raytheon Australia Pty Ltd

FEA Verification of the Shock and Vibration Response of Collins Class Submarine Equipment Racks

Pratama - Defence Science and Technology Organisation

Representation of Vulnerability on Submarine Tactical Displays

Rice - Pilbara Iron

Identification of Heat Stress and Associated Heat Strain Caused by Temperature Related Working Conditions

Schubert - BHP Billiton Iron Ore

Develop and Test Alternative Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems

Thomas - Raytheon Australia Pty Ltd

Vessel Classification from Periscope Data

White - Defence Science and Technology Organisation

Moving to a Condition Based Maintenance Regime

Wong - Woodside Energy Ltd

Evaluation of a Virtual Multiphase Flow Meter

Yuen - Challenge Australian Dairy Pty Ltd

Effluent Reduction and CIP Efficiency in Dairy Processing