The CEED client is responsible for all project expenses (such as travel, consumables, purchase of equipment, workshop time, etc). In many cases, the client may pay for those expenses directly (this tends to be the case for travel, for example). There may, however, be expenses that are incurred by the University in completing the project.

Typically, any such expenses are billed to the Supervisor’s operating accounts, and they will be re-imbursed at the end of the project, when the client is invoiced for the expenses.  CEED scholars should never cover expenses out of their own pocket.

If such expenses arise, they can only be incurred with the prior approval of the client IN WRITING – if approval is not obtained, we can’t bill the client. It is usual to obtain quotes  and/or estimates for potential expenses and provide them to your client mentor and supervisors as part of the approval process.

It is important that the estimate of expected expenses be as accurate as possible – the client should never be surprised with unexpectedly high bills. If it appears that expenses are going to be higher than originally expected, this should be brought to the attention of the client and updated approval should be sought.

The Expense Approval form is available here. Copies of the Expense Approval form, quotes, workshop accounts and any receipts must be provided to the CEED office with the Monthly Report for the month in which they arise.