Applications are submitted via the CEED Website (here). You must include your current academic transcript (only an official transcript is acceptable), and a single file containing your CV. Both files must be in pdf form.You must also update your own ranking, listing the order of preference for the projects that you have applied for (you may apply for multiple projects). Applications will remain open until the listed closing date (closing dates are sometimes extended, but you shouldn’t count on this). At the closing date, all eligible applications will be forwarded to the academic supervisor for review. To be eligible, you must be in a position to start a research project unit in the one of the listed appropriate disciplines in the upcoming semester.


The academic supervisor will prepare a shortlist of applicants to be interviewed by themselves and the client mentor. Depending on the number of applicants, up to 5-6 applicants are typically interviewed (not all applicants will be interviewed). Interviews will vary according to the project, but will typically be on the order of 15-30 minutes long, and may take place on campus or at the client’s premises. At the compulsion of the interviews, the supervisor and mentor will rank the suitable applicants in order of preference.


The post-interview rankings will be returned to the CEED office. Appointments will be offered to students on the basis of the interview ranking and their own ranking of order of preferences. To accept an appointment, students will sign a letter of acceptance and a student undertaking, usually at a meeting with the CEED Director.