Project Opportunity: Pioneering AI and Data Integration in Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

About the Project
Join our innovative team to develop cutting-edge tools for analyzing diverse data streams, with
the goal of creating AI-generated alerts and predictive capabilities in the rehabilitation of joint
replacement patients.

Our Systems
We utilize advanced sensors embedded in bicycle cranks on custom-made indoor bikes,
specifically designed for our Rehab in the Home (RITH) program, pioneered by Verve Mobility
Services (VMS). This scientifically-backed service, preferred by major insurers, offers an
innovative alternative to traditional rehabilitation treatments. Patients connect to VMS through a
supplied Android Tablet, following personalized exercise programs aimed at faster mobility
recovery and return to work. All data is securely stored in an Australian Oracle database with
integrated machine learning capabilities.

Our Studies

VMS conducts both commercial projects with real-world participants and clinical studies. Data is
collected from all participants, with a significant upcoming study in collaboration with the world’s
largest healthcare company. This study aims to compare outcomes between robot-assisted and
traditional surgeries, with all patients managed by VMS as a control group. We are collaborating
with the healthcare company to integrate robot data with patient and surgery data, enhancing
our research.
Leading the Market
VMS is a small but dynamic Perth-based company transitioning from R&D to commercialization.
Our work is often groundbreaking, with even our healthcare partners learning from our
innovative use of robotic and patient outcome data. We aim to build a strong foundation through
clearly defined projects, ensuring our actions and those of our partners continually contribute to
knowledge and guide future developments.

Why Join Us?
– Be at the forefront of AI and data integration in healthcare.
– Contribute to groundbreaking research with global healthcare leaders.
– Work in a dynamic, innovative environment with a focus on real-world applications.
– Help shape the future of joint replacement rehabilitation.




PROJECT TITLE: Predictive Rehabilitation for THKR patients (phase 1)

CLIENT: Verve Infotec

DISCIPLINE: Computer Science, Data Science or Machine Learning

SUPERVISORS: Dr. Matthew Daggitt

PROJECT TYPE: Full IP (includes vacation work – 100% IP owned by Client)


DEADLINE: Tuesday 22nd July, 2024 via