The subsea cables form a vital connection for the export of clean renewable offshore energy to users. In a typical offshore windfarm, the subsea cables represent around 9% of project CAPEX whilst cable failures represent over 80% of insurance claims. Improving our understanding and behaviour models of cables in order to improve their reliability is therefore a high priority.
Aurora Offshore Engineering (AOE) is a boutique engineering consultancy that has launched from UWA’s Oceans Graduate School, helping to make UWA research accessible to the global offshore renewables industry. To date, AOE has contributed novel engineering solutions for over 12GW out of a global grid-connected total of 63 GW (GWEC, 2022) of new clean renewable marine energy.
The goal of this CEEDWA project will be to interrogate and interpret around 35Tb of cable field data collected by a DAS system monitoring a subsea cable network located in an area exposed to extreme tidal currents and large storms, and relate that data back to the predicted physical behaviour of the subsea cables based on their observed physical condition.
The right candidate should have a strong interest in data analytics, computer programming, hydrodynamics and making a contribution to helping the world transition to renewable energy.