Main Roads is seeking to develop an approach to proactively identify areas to investigate speed zones for review.  By applying the type and function of the road network across the state in combination with other data it is expected to be able to produce a recommended “target speed” range for any given road section. This will enable Main Roads to come up with a program to progressively review speed zones and implement the most accurate speed zone complementing the road environment.

Current status and previous research

Main Roads in the responsible authority for setting Speed Limits across the WA Road Network. Main Roads uses its Speed Zoning Policy and Guidelines together with best practice from other states in setting speed limits.

Main Roads updated its Speed Zoning Policy in May 2020 which was the outcome of comprehensive research undertaken by the Traffic Technical Services Team, Road Safety Branch and GHD.

Objectives and Outcomes

The main objective of this research will be to recommend a “target speed” range for the entire WA road network. Through this research, a mapping tool will be developed using current speed zoning data, type and function of the road, existing crash data and quantifying the road environment using local and state planning schemes. The mapping tool will determine the variance of the recommended “target speed” range with the current speed zone to identify locations where the speed zoning needs to be reviewed in a pro-active manner.

Following the outcome of the research and mapping tool, Main Roads speed zoning section will create a program of works to review those identified locations to ensure the most appropriate speed zoning is installed across the network to ensure road user safety and applied speed zones are conducive to the road environment.