Project Brief Asset data digitisation/Asset Intelligence


An Asset Manager requires the use of Data to effectively plan and prioritise work. In accordance with the Synergy high level asset management framework, data from the asset provides feedback and continuous improvement opportunities to update our Operation & Maintenance plans, facilitate projects and studies, update our asset management plans and allow adjustments to the business goals and requirements.

Data in synergy is unfortunately distributed across multiple systems and managed by different roles. Consequently, the data required to make quality asset management decisions is not easily accessible, not widely available, very people dependant and is not cross corelated against each other. This may cause loss of opportunity information and knowledge capture, which, in turn, means asset management decisions might not be optimised and not made in a timely fashion.


As such the goal of this project is to establish:

  • Firstly establish “single data repository for asset data”. This can be done from a small scale, such as a pump, a fan, or a boiler.
  • Secondly combine these data with engineering know-why and know-how to provide a clear indication of “Asset Health”. A digital platform to be built by utilising latest data and information technology to provide an engineer-friendly interface for interpretation, analysis, trending and visualisation.
  • Lastly the platform will be tuned to facilitate asset management decisions.
  • The platform should allow scaling up for number of assets and asset grouping.

Proposed Methodology

It is proposed that the Project is executed in the following way:

  • Map the availability of Asset Data in Synergy GBU. Again, this can be selective from a small scale, such as a pump, a fan, or a boiler. There will be ample supports from Synergy engineers, asset management professionals and IT professionals.
  • Review the academic literature to understand the best methodologies in organising this data and transforming it into an indicator of Asset Health and how to use predictive trending to enable asset management decisions.
  • Prepare a pilot proposal for a particular site and/or asset class executing proposed methodologies applicable to Synergy, discovered during the literature review.
  • Execute Pilot
  • Prepare a proposal of an MVP that can be scaled to support the rest of Synergy.