RCT is a global Smart Technology company with a long history in the mining and industrial sectors. We are a leading provider of Automation, Remote Control and Fleet Management solutions for all mobile equipment in the mining and industrial sectors and have an extensive range of solutions spanning five sub-brands, all of which deliver our clients
increased productivity, profitability and safety.

We advance businesses by integrating our state of the art Automation, Information, Data and Protection systems designed for any machine make or model. Our systems are deployed across 6 continents and 72 countries.

As a PhD Intern, you will be joining an engineering and product team working on developing and deploying new technology and product offerings to increase customers operations and productivity. The projects being offered will include the following tasks (or part of)

  • Come up to speed on RCT’s product offerings
  • Assess the current forms of data that RCT collects and in what format
  • Identify the different parameters that RCT is collecting from its systems Review the available parameters and translate them into required format/form
  • With available parameters, assess the value of these by looking for trends and patterns in the data Identify and recommend other parameters that are currently not being collected but that would be of value to both RCT and the customer

The aim of the project is to assess, review and process data RCT is currently collecting, thus enabling further information to be provided both internally to RCT and to customers.

To apply for this Internship you will be currently undertaking a PhD in either an engineering, computer science or data science area, and have experience using Python. Experience in, or exposure to, large data sets is also desirable.