The Water Corporation has a large number of historical artefacts ranging in size from hand tools to large pump sets and motors which are currently stored in a building at a metropolitan reservoir site. This site is earmarked for disposal and as such the collection will have to be moved

The collection is only partially catalogued, and an assessment has to be made of the worth of the artefacts prior to relocation in accordance with current Government guidelines.

This project is intended to properly catalogue the collection, determine an appropriate preservation plan for ongoing use, and establish their individual merit based on both uniqueness and as a social record of Corporate practices and works in the past.

There is also the potential to display some of these artefacts on a permanent, or temporary rotational basis at the John Tonkin Water Centre and Regional Operational Centres.

Note – to access Water Corporation sites, the appointed student will need to have received their first dose of COVID vaccine by 31 December, and their second by 31 January 2022. This is a requirement for all contractors working on Water Corporation sites. A vaccination certificate will need to be presented at Water Corp induction.