This project is to research on the hydrodynamic characteristics and geotechnical performance of the torpedo anchors made of the decommissioned flexible flowlines. There are three forms of anchor that will be tested: cylindrical, torpedo and fish-scale anchors. The anchor with different aspect ratios (i.e. L/D = length/diameter) will be tested, such as L/D = 4, 6 and 8. The research involves:

  1. Designing anchor models for testing based on the specifications of the decommissioned flexible flowlines
  2. Testing the hydrodynamic characteristics of three different forms of anchors with different aspect ratios in UWA O-Tube facility;
  3. Testing the geotechnical performance of the three forms of anchors with different aspect ratios, including the penetration characteristics of all anchors and their holding capacities in UWA Geo-Centrifuge facility;