There are many mechanisms that can be evaluated for solving this problem and this project will provide:

  1. A literature review of the current state of the art for volumetric estimation
  2. Rapidly developed Minimum Viable Products (MVP) of the top candidate solutions identified in (1), including evaluation criteria and a testing strategy to understand the cost/complexity and accuracy trade-offs.
  3. From 2, a demonstratable pre-production implementation for fitting to existing vehicles for real-world evaluation as well as evaluation of the results from this testing

Some potential solutions may include (but are not limited to):

  • Multiple fixed video cameras installed in rugged recesses around the tray edge and use OpenCV to develop a DSM of truck payload.
  • A moving camera or cameras which are able to get a view of the entire payload surface without placing the camera metres above the load.
  • Cameras or other sensors fitted to the loading vehicles to approximate the volume being loaded into the truck rather than fitted to the truck