The Water Corporation is increasingly coming under pressure to temporarily allow relaxation of its pipe cover and external loading criteria during the construction of major infrastructure projects. The cost and time implications of not allowing these temporary relaxations can be considerable


This project is designed to continue the works on a 2020 project whose scope was reduced due to COVID related issues. The aim is the same – to establish exactly what we can allow over our pressure mains and what our true minimum cover requirements are.


We will need to test a number of other legacy pipe types currently in operation – i.e. asbestos cement (AC) – Sutton, Mangini and Mazza types and Galvanised Wrought Iron (GWI).


The 2020 project has already established the methodology and theoretical basis for the testing program and this project is designed to further this work with differing pipe types.


The testing will reflect the works already carried out on Cast Iron, Steel an PVC pipes which used static loading to exceedance of allow deflection limits / destruction and dynamic loading to represent that currently provided by typical modern earth working plant